One cold lonely winter’s night back in January 2017 while my husband was away, I had my light bulb moment.

I was frustrated because I had given up my perfect community nurse job to move to our new posting. I needed to channel my energy into something positive rather think about the job I had left behind.

So I started sketching, something I hadn’t done for a very long time - nearly 30 years since leaving school (yes, I am that old!). These first little sketches blossomed and developed into our very popular designs.

Looking at them still makes me nervous. I can feel the embarrassment I felt when I went to speak to the local supplier and showed them my sketch book to explain my concept. Thankfully they couldn’t have been more supportive and thought my idea was a good one. They gave me the much needed encouragement to take the leap of faith, which I’m so glad I did.

For me, Home is very much where the RAF sends us and how it can change your life journey for the better with a little bit of positive thinking.